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So it is that time of year again where I start finding myself being drowned by a gigantic workload, last week was busy, this week is going to be busier, and the week after has just a giant essay that I have to somehow pull out of my ass. Fun! But anyhow, I'm more looking forward to next semester's classes since none of which involve any kind of theory *gag*

Beyond that, at least I can't really go out and do anything to distract myself from the work that needs to be done since I'm broke. I mean, I went to a hockey game last night but still those tickets were given to me for free so hey.

WoW related note, I've been a bit bored on that front after accomplishing the 75 pet achievement and still getting more. I still gotta rep farm for the netherray fry/netherray mount and etc, but I got my fawn so I'm a happy girl. I don't really count on ever getting the 100 mount achievement, RNG for mounts is terrible for me but I at least have 60 or so already to work with, so we'll see how motivated I am. I'm just cheap *hugs gold*

I guess I could get my ass working on my 10 billion other alts, almost all of which are over 60 at least...but then I figure what is the point, I'm just going to end up raiding back on my druid because he's awesomely geared already in both his specs, and it is just that much fun. My poor DK was fun until I realized that as an off spec bear tanking is more fun. Oh well. 
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