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Just something I tossed together in a moment of boredom about my DK Zandriel, one of his brief intervals of remembering.

Zandriel was growing tired, he knew that much. It seemed as if every time he decided to just stop and relax nowadays his memories came flooding back to him at every available opportunity. Nothing was ever full, nor was it clear. All he knew was that the only memories that came back to him were the more grotesque ones....did he even have any others?

It was almost as if they were brief flashes; he'd see a looming figure over himself, in the past, and suddenly see his head being slammed against the corner of the desk in his old home or even see the other man coming at him with a knife. The knight could almost feel the pain, hear the cold words of the man who had done this all to him but....somehow, he could not remember his face. In every memory that briefly came back, his face was always shadowed heavily....what was his name again?

"Shit..." The dark haired Quel'dorei murmured to himself, rubbing at his sore eyes with the palms of his hands. Sometimes he wished that his memory would lapse for good, or just come back fully. He despised the intervals of thought, it disrupted his life....his new life. Another, much more prominent memory came flooding back to him and he bit his lip as it played out in his mind:

"What did I tell you about not having things ready for me when I got home?"  The shadow of an elf sneered, and Zandriel gave a faint whimper. He knew what was coming, it happened every day. There were only so many bruises he could hide, and it was becoming more and more difficult to do so.

"I'm s-s-sorry-"
And yet again, the name was lost to his mind...."P-please if you just...just g-give me a few moments I can m-make something..." Zandriel murmured, cursing himself within when he stuttered so much, oh how the other man hated that.

It was too late to correct himself, he had done two things wrong this day...a slip that promised emotional and physical grief, like always. "You know I fucking hate when you stutter, be a man. Can't you even stand up for yourself?" Another sneer, he knew that Zandriel couldn't, and wouldn't. Before Zandriel could even try to move away, the other elf stood forward and wound up, punching him square in the jaw and knocking him to the floor. There was a sickening noise upon the impact and he knew then that it was dislocated. He thought that would be enough, but it wasn't, soon after followed kicks to his ribs over and over and then--

The memory stopped, as it usually did. He could never remember how these things ended really...not good, most likely. He certainly knew if nothing else that the last time certainly didn't end well, and it was clear by the marks on his body.

For now, he would forget all of that and enjoy his brief moment of serenity once again while his memory continued to fail for another few hours.


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