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This be some good way to briefly cure boredom >>. Anyway, its nothing special nor particularly exciting but it describes Nyst and Vynne's relationship in the beginning fairly well, as well as how his younger life went....yeah...

Thinking about his training was all he could get excited about, and much to the dismay of his twin he did, and quite often. He was told he was fairly promised in his art, he picked up on things quickly and he learned them well without too much of an effort.

"One....two...." The warlock counted the days until he was able to train again, being only young as he was it brought excitement to him to be able to learn new things. He was only a novice yet, but soon he would learn to summon his first demon, or minion as his teachers so aptly put it. Nyst was drawn out of his own little world at the sharp voice of his sister.

"Shut the hell up Nyst I'm trying to sleep, you can do that in your head can't you?" Vynne gave a grumble of annoyance, flipping onto her side in her cot and tugging the pillow over her ears. Much to her dismay, Nyst not only didn't listen he began to count louder to himself.

That was it, she was going to smother him so she could finally get some decent night's sleep. "Fine, have it your way." She stood up, and being that she was a Paladin in training she had a bit of an advantage in the strength department over her twin, and she lifted the pillow over his face and glared down at him.

"Oh come on it was only a--NNF!" He flailed as the pillow restricted his breathing, only gasping for air when she pulled it back and smacked him over the head with it. "I said shut up!" Vynne gave a defiant grumble and flopped back on her cot.

This was how they spent most nights now


Morning came too soon, as it always did for him and he swung his legs over the side of the cot, rubbing his tired blue eyes. When his parents were alive, they were quite dismayed when Nyst had determined his path. A warlock wasn't a very common class for a High elf, and they never thought it proper--why couldn't he be a mage? Or a priest even? But no, he was particularly talented in that dreaded fel magic that everyone feared so.

"Vynne....wake up." He yawned, lightly shaking his sister's pale shoulder earning a small groan of annoyance and protest.

"Few more....minutes...." She sighed, trying to get back to sleep although with her brother hovering over her so it wasn't that easy. Defeated, she got up and looked around the room. It was nothing to be desired, since their parents had no will when they'd passed all of their money was kept from the two young elves and left them with nothing.

They lived in Silvermoon, sure, but it was never the most welcoming of places when one didn't have money. It was at its peak of glory, but neither could enjoy any of it. They usually spent their time sleeping out in Eversong, and if they could afford an inn for the night they would. Generally, though, they couldn't, but Vynne being the beautiful young woman she was had began to find many different men in her life. She could have her fun, and have a bed for the night and Nyst would have to learn to find a place of his own to stay.

It was particularly taxing on him, after awhile. As much as he loved his sister, he didn't like seeing her go off and doing those types of things--what if she got hurt? It wasn't as if she was immune to everything like she seemed to think she was. Not everyone is nice. Though, perhaps his anger was misplaced....after all, it was partial jealously that didn't want to see her having a nice place to stay when he didn't have that. Besides, not only was he a man and women didn't seem to work in the same way then men worked for Vynne, even if they did he wasn't really into doing things like that for his own benefit.

"What are you thinking about, you've been quiet for like....ten minutes." Vynne snapped him out of his thought, and Nyst shook his head carefully, brushing his dark hair from his eyes. 

"Nothing....we should get going, though, we've already been told once before we're not to stay here." The black haired boy gave a half smile, standing up and collecting the few things he had, tugging his apprentices robe over his underclothes and tying the small satchels to his side. Vynne took a little more care, clasping all of the glimmering plate together over her slender form.


They took to the road not half an hour later, down the winding paths that Eversong had to offer in search of where they could stay next. It was a cycle, and he felt sometimes it would be one he would never escape. Would they always move from place to place, day after day? Nyst wasn't so sure, eventually he knew that his sister would probably meet someone that interested her for more than a night and want to be with them. That would leave him, then. How much lonelier would these walks be all alone, when he was so used to Vynne being with him, equally as miserable, but at least they were together.

"Another day....another place...."


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